Company registration in Malaysia and applying Work Permit as “Company Director” has become very simple now through BSBH, Malaysia.

malaysia it visa No Need to Register Company in Malaysia and No need to find job in Malaysia. Malaysia has introduced new Residence Visa for I.T Professionals which is valid for 1 year to 5 years.malaysia visa for it professionals

BSBH Malaysia is true 100% Malaysian entity regulated by “Companies Commission of Malaysia” providing secretarial services to both locals and Foreigners. BSBH Malaysia is a team of Malaysian Bar Council member lawyers, Company Secretaries and Professional consultants.

From now you can apply DP10 work permit online DIRECTLY from Immigration website. Once you have registered your company with paid up capital (RM1 million PAID UP capital) for all lawful business activities and have arranged physical office with fixed phoneline and signboard permission (PBT), then NO NEED to hire any “Flying Agent”. Simply register ONLINE on Immigration ESD website to apply DP10 Work Permit ONLINE.

But if register your company through such “Company Secretary” who does not know the immigration procedures and adds such activities in your company’s Memorandum which require many licenses BEFORE applying permit and if you apply your Work Permit without getting the licenses as per your company’s activities, then your Work Permit application can be REJECTED and your such company may become a “Total Loss” for you!. SO, always consult with professionals who understand Immigration procedures MORE than Company Registration matters!

How to start the process?

Simply CLICK HERE to contact BSBH, Malaysia to start the process.

Many foreigners, specially from Australia, Middles East, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran and Sri Lanka,  come to Malaysia to start their business. But most of them cannot find the right person or company to assist them to get their Work Permit done in the time limit. Most of them meet the “Flying Agents” who meet the clients in “Restaurants” and offer the clients very attractive prices for new company registration in Malaysia. Even such “Flying Agents” don’t have any office or any license and they take the money from innocent Foreigners and disappear!. We always advise Foreigners to be very careful about such “Flying Agents” who don’t have any office or any license. Even most of such “Flying Agents” don’t have legal visa to stay in Malaysia. They come to Malaysia on visit visa and become agents to cheat innocent Foreigners.

Normally the easy target of these “Flying Agents” are those innocent foreigners who come from their own home country and they speak their own country language.

We always recommend the Foreigners to hire Professional and Licensed company to incorporate your new company in Malaysia. BSBH, Malaysia is the BEST option for Foreigners. BSBH is a leading Malaysian relocation company. The company has a very sound track record of successful clients from all over the world including Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Iran, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This is also the fastest way to get the guidelines to apply any type of Business License in DBKL or MPAJ. BSBH is the key partner of “Come and Invest in Malaysia” campaign and regular organizer of Business Promotional Seminars. BSBH is the first Licensed Malaysian relocation and business consultancy company having very strong presence of clients in Australia, U.K, Middles East (including Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran) India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Remember: Sole proprietor,  Ready Made or Shelf Company and a Company with only Authorized Capital is NOT entitled for “Work Permits”.

To be saved from “Flying Agents”, BEFORE you hire any one’s services in Malaysia, necessary to check:

Ask the person/company to show any evidence whether they are licensed Company Secretary or not! You can check this from any company which they have incorporated before. Ask them to show the documents of any company which they have incorporated before this..and then see what is written on {Documents Lodged By:} a space provided on bottom of Form24 or Form49of EVERY COMPANY in Malaysia. If there, you find their company name (the company who is claiming you that they can register your company with paid up capital) go ahead BUT if you don’t find their company name on this space {Documents Lodged By:} It means the person/company you are dealing is just a “Middleman” company or “Flying Agent”!
Furthermore; According to Government of Malaysia’s rules, ONLY Malaysian citizen can be the “Company Secretary” so if you are dealing with any “Foreigner” (may be from your own home country) then it means you are dealing with an “AGENT”…not with a “Company Secretary” of a “Company Secretarial Company”. Be careful to be the victim! Contact your embassy in Kuala Lumpur and ask how many people from your country have become the victim of such “Agents” who normally belong to client’s own home country.

For working and settling in Malaysia

BSBH Malaysia is the leading Government of Malaysia licensed entity regulated by “Companies Commission of Malaysia” dealing with company registration in Malaysia which also assists the clients for complete business setup in Malaysia. After registering Malaysian company, you may apply your Work Permits (Expatriate Visas). We guarantee  100 percent Approval from SSM in 5-7 working days. Malaysia offers 100% foreign ownership in company registration. So, you can do your business with absolute peace of mind. You can also apply work permit as “Company Director” soon after business setup in Malaysia. BSBH’s lawyers, company secretaries and professional consultants will be guiding and assisting you at every stage of your successful relocation in Malaysia.