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Types of Malaysia Business Licenses for Foreigners, Easy to Apply:

Foreigners who intend to set up a Malaysia Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd) will need to know the various types of Malaysia Business Licenses for foreigners who has to apply and qualify to their business activities. The 100% foreign owned company may not be allowed in a certain trade license as these licenses may require local Malaysia’s participation in the application.The requirement and process for the foreigners to apply to the types of Malaysia’s business licenses to foreigners in Malaysia apply same as the local Malaysians.

Below are some examples of how and where needed to apply for the various types of Malaysia’s business licenses for foreigners from the Malaysia Governmental departments :

EDUCATION – Universities, Colleges, Schools, Tuition Centers

TOURISM   –     Inbound, Outbound and Ticketing, Tour Operators

Note: BSBH, Malaysia may  assist you in obtaining recommendation letter from Ministry of Tourism if you are interested to establish business under tourism activity. Such recommendation letter may help you to secure your work permit very easily.

Sports            –      Sports related activities

NOTE:  BSBH, Malaysia may assist you in obtaining recommendation letter from Ministry of Sports if you are interested to set up a business related to sports activities. We can register your company with such “Sports” related business which can help you to secure work permit very easily.

DISTRIBUTIVE, IMPORT/EXPORTS  Wholesale Retail Trade(WRT) License for Trading, Import, Export, Restaurant and Consultancy business

FACTORY/MANUFACTURING  –  Manufacturing License

HOTEL –  Luxury Hotel, Budget Hotel License. BSBH, Malaysia may assist you to start a Home Stay type business in a very low cost. Even you can own a resort in very low rental. No need to invest more money. Just start with low investment and once getting profit then only invest more. This is the reason why foreigners love BSBH, Malaysia Professional services, as we save your hard earn money!

Restaurant – Restaurant, small scale restaurant or food stalls

Note: BSBH, Malaysia may assist you to start from  smallest scale of “Restaurant” business which is “Food Stall“. You can start with a minimum investment as low as RM2000 to RM10000. This is the “best option” for those who don’t want to invest big amount in start. Start from low investment and then convert it into big investment.

CONSTRUCTION  –  Construction Industrial Development Board and Engineering License. BSBH, Malaysia is best option to get CIDB License Malaysia to undertake construction business in Malaysia.

ICT  –  Multi-Super Corridor (MSC) License. The easiest way to get Malaysian Work Permit is through I.T company. BSBH may assist you to apply work permit through I.T company. We’ll provide easy-to-follow guidelines to register your company with MDeC to apply work permit online without involving any “Agent”.

Direct Selling  – Direct Selling License

The condition of approval of the above licenses may subject to the degree of participation of local Malaysians in the company as Director and/or Shareholder.
The most common trade license needed by foreigners is Wholesale,Retail Trade (WRT) License in Malaysia . This license is meant for company of non-resident status, which permit 100% foreign ownership for foreigners to participate in retail, franchise, restaurant, trading, import and export businesses.

Other categories of Malaysia’s business licences may also apply to foreigner who operate restaurants, retail stores by the Malaysian Local Town Councils (such as DBKL, MPAJ, MPSJ, etc) and Fire Brigade Departments.

The approval processing time for business licenses application by foreigner varies between 1 month to 6 months, depending on the type of license.

As a foreigner, before you start your business in Malaysia, it is advisable to have a complete understanding to the type of licenses required for your intend business. This is enable you to have a a hassle free solutions and avoid costly mistake, starting from the very beginning when you register a SDN BHD company.

Who we are:

We are one of the leading licensed Malaysian relocation entity regulated by Companies Commission of Malaysia and a team of Malaysian Bar Council members, Company Secretaries and Professional Immigration Consultants. The entity is 100% Bumiputra.

Note: No Foreigner can be “Company Secretary” in Malaysia. Only Malaysian citizen can be the “Company Secretary”.

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