Spouse Visa Malaysia | Entry Permit

Spouse Visa Malaysia 2024

Foreigner married to Malaysian can apply for a long term social visit pass also known as spouse visa.

The Long Tern Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) is issued to the Spouse (Husband/Wife) of the Malaysian citizen to grant them a multiple entry visa for a period of up to 5 years, and also allows them to work in Malaysia without having to convert their visa to a working visa.

Required documents

  • Passport copy of Foreigner Spouse (All Pages)
  • Wedding photos
  • Marriage certificate issued by Malaysian Authority
  • Photographs of House (inside/outside/road sign etc.)
  • Malaysian Spouse IC
  • Income Proof of Malaysian Spouse (Minimum RM2000)

Duration of Spouse Visa Malaysia

First time when you apply Malaysian Spouse Visa, it may be granted for 6 months to 1 year but next time when you go for its extension, it can be given for four years or more. Make sure, you passport is also valid for four or more years to get maximum extension of Spouse Visa.

Permanent Residence for Spouse of Malaysian citizen

Spouse of Malaysian citizen can apply permanent residence (PR) after 5 years of his successful marriage. To apply PR, you need to apply “Entry Permit” first.

Its a lengthy process but recently Government has made many changes to apply “Entry permit” in an efficient way.

Now you can apply Entry permit at any state immigration office. But its better to apply Entry Permit where you applied your Spouse Visa so that it could not delay to get your file from the concerned office where your Spouse Visa was applied.

Documents required for Entry Permit

To Apply Entry Permit you need many papers including family photograph (wedding photo), passport size photo of Malaysian Spouse, Marriage certificate, passports (all passports since you came to Malaysia), passport of your Malaysian Spouse if your marriage was registered overseas (with exit/entry stamps), police report with “Surat Akuan” for any documents which is lost, Payment receipt of your first Spouse Visa, Mykad of Malaysian Spouse, Sponsor Letter on white paper from your Malaysian Spouse (mentioning that she is your Sponsor to apply Entry Permit), Employment or Business Proof (if business under Malaysian Spouse name then include Malaysian Spouse bank account statement).

There is one form which needs to be certified by the Oath Commissioner. All documents MUST have original with 1 set of photocopies.

To apply Entry Permit is the first step of applying Permanent Residence for Spouse of Malaysian citizen, both the applicant and the Malaysian Spouse are required to be present together to submit the application file at Immigration Office. Thumb impression is required while submitting forms to Immigration Officer at the counter.

Once Entry Permit is approved, You are required to visit JPN office within 30days of approval of Entry Permit to apply MyPr Kad (red I.C) . MyPr Kad is your I.C as Permanent Resident of Malaysia.

Airport Arrival & Departures for Malaysian Permanent Residents

Once you have red I.C (MyPR Kad), at Malaysian airports, you need to proceed to immigration counters showing “Malaysian Passport”.

Our Services

Our Professionals are much familiar with Spouse Visa and Entry permit documentation. To save your time and money, you may have consultation with our Professionals to apply Malaysian Spouse Visa or Entry Permit (PR for Spouse of Malaysian citizen).