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newnew  Now you can apply DP10 work permit online DIRECTLY from Immigration website. Once you have registered your company with paid up capital (RM1 million PAID UP capital) for all lawful business activities and have arranged physical office with fixed phoneline and signboard permission (PBT), then NO NEED to hire any “Flying Agent”. Simply register ONLINE on Immigration ESD website to apply DP10 Work Permit ONLINE.

But if register your company through such “Company Secretary” who does not know the immigration procedures and adds such activities in your company’s Memorandum which require many licenses BEFORE applying permit and if you apply your Work Permit without getting the licenses as per your company’s activities, then your Work Permit application can be REJECTED and your such company may become a “Total Loss” for you!. SO, always consult with professionals who understand Immigration procedures MORE than Company Registration matters!

How to Start the process?

Simply CLICK HERE to contact BSBH Professionals to start the process.

Who Can Apply DP10 Work Permit?

Foreigners who is Director/Shareholder or Top level Management to fulfill the following positions:

Key Post

Top Managerial Post of a foreign owned company operating in Malaysia
Responsible to look after the company’s interests and investments
Responsible in determining the company’s policies and goals

Executive Post

Professional/Middle Managerial Post
Required academic and working experience, practical skills related to the respective jobs
Responsible in implementing the company’s policies and supervision toward the junior staff
Non-Executive Post

Highly skilled

Require working experience and technical skills related to the respective jobs Category

New Application

Expatriate Minimum Contract (2 years) can bring family as dependent


Before one apply for the employment pass, one have to apply for the position from expatriate committee. Employer must arrange the applications of employment pass for their respective expatriate


What is a Professional Work Permit Visa?

Professional Work Permit is an Employment Pass for 2 years (DP10 Visa). Professional Work Permit means that an expatriate from another country is Highly Skilled and is Offered a Skilled Job in Malaysia. The skilled categories are the same as in Western Countries – IT Professionals, Teachers, Doctors, Nursing and Managers. In simple words it is an ‘Employment Pass’ issued by the Government for skilled workers. The initial validity of the pass is 2 years but it can be extended for 12 years.

A Company (Sdn. Bhd. i.e. Private Limited) needs to have a High Paid Up capital greater than RM 500,000/- to qualify for recruiting Foreign Skilled Workers. They need to satisfy the Immigration that they have Skilled Category Job Vacancies and therefore need skilled workers from Other Countries. The reason for employing Foreign Skilled Workers is that they could not find a Local Malaysian citizens with the required skills and professional background suitable for their job. This is where Professional Work Permit gets its importance and expatriates are selected based on their Background and Qualifications. They are offered an Offer Letter by the Recruiting Company to work for them. Upon signing the Offer Letter, they are given a Contract of Employment for two years. Visit routinewealth.

This Employment Pass has a High Value in the International Arena. Those individuals seeking to apply for Canadian, Australian, UK and USA Immigration/work permits have a higher probability of success once they qualify for the Malaysian Professional Work Permit. Malaysian Companies are recognized all over the World. This means that their Work Experience is recognized internationally. For example Australia issues a 3 months visa for a Working Individual in Malaysia to explore and find a job there. Many Malaysian Companies have branches in Western and Far East Countries, therefore an employee can request for a transfer to another branch in USA, UK, Canada or Australia. This widens the horizons for an individual who in the long run is planning to settle in the West and working in Malaysia for the short run.

What is an Expatriate Visa?

It is the same as a Professional Visa, tinhdonphuong org used Inter-changeably. An Expatriate has a better potential of securing a better job career as compared to a General Worker.

What is i-Kad (Employment Pass ID Card)?

Upon Confirmation of your Professional Visa, the Immigration issues an i-kad (card) used as your Expatriate Identity Card for travelling within Malaysia.

How can I Qualify for a Professional Work Permit?

There are several agencies in Malaysia that are providing Consultancy to Skilled Foreigners for applying for Professional Work Permits. The Candidate applying for a professional work permit is required to have Educational background and Working Experience in Skilled categories i.e. IT Professionals, Teachers, Doctors, Nursing and Managers. Sometimes due to less educational or professional experiences, it becomes difficult for candidates to qualify for a Professional Work Permit. This is where such Recruiting Agencies play a positive role in providing paper-work Consultancy.

Which Documents are Required for applying from my Home Country?
1. Photocopy or Scanned Passport Copy ( All Pages )
2. Photocopies or Scanned Credentials
3. Curriculum Vitae/Resume

How can I get an Approval for a Calling Letter in 6-8 weeks?

This is the vital part for the end result must be an approval and certainly not a rejection. The process is very simple and practical.

Upon paying the relevant fee and filing the documents, the agency hands over the documents to the Immigration. This is the first stage where the agent submits documents in the Immigration. The Scheduled Meetings by Immigration Officers for submitting the cases for Pakistani’s, Indians, Bangladeshi, Indonesians and Nepali Citizens are held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays every week. The Agents meet the Immigration Officer and presents the case for the candidate. He provides documentary proof that the candidate has fulfilled the criteria and has a professional background to be allowed a professional Work Permit Visa for two years. The Immigration at this point has the right to refuse or accept the case. But this is where the agent applies his specialized skills to convince the Immigration for an approval.

ESD Malaysia Online

Since July, 2015 now all companies who wish to hire Foreigners, must apply work permit through ESD Immigration website. So, now all companies who wish to to apply work permit, first needs to get registered with ESD website online. After registration with ESD website, then you can apply work permit online for you and for your staff as well.No need to hire any “Agent”.

BSBH professional are always at your services to guide you through out the process legally to get your company registered with ESD immigration online.

How much time does it take to apply for a Professional Work Permit?

The whole process from Case Submission till Calling Letter takes around 2 to 3 month. Upon receiving the Calling Letter you are liable to clear the Agency fee and travel to Malaysia.

Can my wife / dependents follow me to Malaysia?
Yes your dependents can follow you to Malaysia and are permitted to seek employment.

Can my wife / dependents work in Malaysia?
Yes they are allowed to seek employment in Malaysia and needs to apply “Work Permission” from Immigration.

How much can I earn every month?

Once the permit is issued there are brighter chances for earning a decent salary in Malaysia. You can earn from RM 2,500 to RM 5,000 depending upon your educational and professional background. IT professionals, doctors and nurses have a higher probability to earn more than RM 8,000. There are few jobs which are specific for Malaysian citizens, remaining are for all job seekers as long as they have a valid visa to work in Malaysia.

Can i apply for Permanent Residency in Malaysia?

Yes you can apply for Permanent Residency after -5 years upon working in Malaysia on a Professional Work Permit. You can avail the advantages such as a Malaysian IC (Identity Card), Personal, car and house loans, credits etc.

Can I apply for a Malaysian driving License?

If you have a license from your Country of Residence, you can convert it to a Full Malaysian License. The JPJ Office in Putra Jaya deals with driving license.

Can i register my own Company in Malaysia?

You have an opportunity to register your own company in Malaysia. Minimum 2 natural persons are required to incorporate a Malaysian company. Legally, you can now incorporate 100% foreign owned. If married, husband/wife also can the the 2 Directors/Shareholders.. You can have a Sdn Bhd (Pvt Ltd) Company upon paying the relevant fee and presenting legal documents.

Can i get a house on rent?

Yes you can rent an entire Row-House, Apartment or a Condominium with swimming pool and gym facilities for RM 500 to RM 1000 per month. Renting a Single Room can cost you around RM 200 to RM 300.

Can i get a Bank Account in Malaysia?

After receiving your Professional Work Permit, the Agency (Company) issues an Account Opening Letter for the Candidates to apply for a Bank Account. You need to present your Original Passport showing your valid Work Permit to the Bank Officer and they will open a Savings or Current Account upon request.

Can i get a Credit Card from any Malaysian Bank?

Yes, you can apply for Credit Cards from any Bank in Malaysia. The criteria is the same i.e depending upon your monthly income, credit history etc.

Why should i choose Malaysia for Employment?

Besides being a tourist attraction in the far East, Malaysia is a growing economy that offers expatriates from various countries to live and work here. General Workers (laborers) to Highly Skilled professionals can find suitable jobs and earn a better living. Expatriates from both Western and Eastern Countries enjoy a good standard of living followed by opportunities to work in the Far East countries like Singapore, even ahead till Netherlands and Australia. Malaysian Government allows their Local Enterprises (Sdn Bhd i.e. Private Limited) to seek Skilled Employees from other countries so as to fill the gaps; increasing productivity and efficiency on the whole.

Reasons to choose Malaysia:

Gateway to the whole world. Cost of living is lower than other Far-East Countries Existence of a Diversified Cultural.