Malaysia Visa Services

We are a team of Malaysian Bar Council Member Lawyers, Company Secretaries and Professional Consultants. Our professionals can assist you in many ways through legal way. Please click on following categories in which we may assist you:

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Visa Types

Purpose Relevant Passes Details
Entering Malaysia Visa For single entry, multiple entry or transit during travel
Short-term Visits Short-term Visit Pass For holiday, social visit or business and government-to-government matters
Temporary stay Long-term Visit Pass For temporary stay of more than 6 months and for foreign spouses of Malaysians to live and work in Malaysia for 5 years.
Long-term Stay Long-term Visit Pass for Spouses For temporary stay of more than 6 months and for foreign spouses of Malaysians to live and work in Malaysia for 5 years.
Malaysia My Second Home Programme For foreigners who fulfill certain conditions to stay in the country on a long-term visa for at least 10 years (extension is possible)
Employment Employment Pass | Dependent Pass For expatriates working for a minimum period of 2 years

  • Employment Pass (issued to employees with specific skills, categorized as expatriates)
  • Dependent Pass (accorded to families of Expatriate Officials)
    Spouses of expatriates seeking to work are required to convert to the Employment Pass upon securing an employment.
Temporary Employment Pass For jobs with a monthly salary less than RM 5000
Professional Visit Pass For foreign nationals who remain employed by the company in the home country but are required by a Malaysian company to provide certain services for a period up to 12 months
Work-Holiday Visa Special arrangement between Malaysia and Australia for young Australians to explore the culture and lifestyle of Malaysia by working while traveling
Residence Pass For eligible expatriates who have been working for a minimum period of 3 years.Unlike an employment pass, Residence Pass has the advantage of not being tied to an employer and it can be issued for a longer period. It is available for highly skilled expatriates seeking to continue and living in Malaysia.
Permanent Resident Permanent Resident Status For eligible non-Malaysians who fulfill the requirements for permanent resident status.
Malaysian Citizenship Citizenship
  • For children with at least one parent who is a Malaysian citizen
  • For non-Malaysians over 21 years of age (who have resided in Malaysia for 10 years and have an adequate command of the Malay language)
  • Confirmation of status of citizenship